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Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs plans to run for office again this year. The 2012 election will mark Willie Meggs' eighth consecutive term as FSA. But many Florida voters wonder if it's really the right decision.

Willie Meggs ran for State Attorney in 1985 after serving as Assistant State Attorney for nearly a decade. Over the past 27 years, Meggs has remained a formidable opponent to Floridian thugs on the courtroom floor. For nearly three decades, his tenure in this position earned him both the vote and the respect of the Floridian citizen. But recently Willie Meggs has experienced a significant amount of bad press. And the evidence accompanying the negative publicity is leading many former supporters to oppose the new campaign.

At the forefront of this bad press are allegations of favoritism and corruption within the State Attorney's office. Last year a woman named Lisa Brown received a relatively light charge due to her connection with a Florida prosecutor.

Brown was originally arrested in April for a DUI. The officers who arrested Brown recognized her as the fiance of Jeremy Mutz, an assistant of Willie Meggs. Brown's relationship to the Attorney's Office led to a lesser charge. She received a citation for Reckless Driving, and Mutz was called to the scene to pick her up.

Willie Meggs, a supposed crusader against drunk driving, hasn't done a thing to correct this injustice. In fact, the incident probably would've gone unnoticed if Brown wasn't arrested under similar circumstances one week later. Upon the second arrest, officer's were forced to push the initial Reckless Driving charge to a DUI. In the State of Florida, two DUI charges require mandatory jail time. But Lisa Brown has friends in high places, and friends of Willie Meggs aren't subject to the same laws as other Florida citizens.

Willie Meggs has maintained that he handled the case like he would any other. Yet Ms. Brown has still not received a prison sentence. It is said that Assistant State Attorney Jeremy Mutz did not intervene on his fiance's behalf in either case. According to Willie Meggs, Brown was prosecuted by another Assistant State Attorney. Coincidentally, the Assistant Attorney who dealt the miniscule sentence has left the State Attorney's Office. As such, Willie Meggs says that he is unable to fix the "mistake."

The citizens of Florida deserve a State Attorney who stands by his principles. And the actions of Willie Meggs suggest that he doesn't treat all cases equally. While Willie Meggs was once a great State Attorney, his record proves that long term incumbency breeds corruption. It's time that the Florida voters purge the office. It's time to get rid of Willie Meggs.

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Mr.Meggs doesnt get to decide to help out.

He has to be impartial when he enforces our laws..."so what?" is part of the problem. You dont protect people from justice because they had a bad week a work!

Mr.Meggs helped that person out because he was looking out for a deputy's wife.


Willie Meggs admitted that he charges people when they dont have enough evidence and then just give a plea. This is 100% the opposite of what is taught in law school.


Willie Meggs has ran a monopoly of corruption for over 28 years in Tallahassee. He is about to lose power and will eventually get prosecuted for taking bribes to not prosecute his friends. Willie Meggs graduated last in his law school class and is a cancer to Tallahassee, Florida.


Omg, who has not done that before? All of us are victims of favoritism. Maybe he really knew what was going on in that family and decided to help..Do not judge,when you do not know..

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